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Marketing Advice For Increasing Your Halloween Sales

It’s on the way! The “scary-good time” of the year is here. Many people don’t understand that smaller holidays like Halloween can result in considerable sales increase for their ecommerce business, even if it can appear like a tiny holiday in compared to Easter and Christmas. As more people of all ages get into the Halloween spirit, there will be an increase in internet spending during this time. You should enhance your website if you want to optimise your earnings and boost sales.

How should your online store be set up for Halloween? You can discover out with the aid of this article.

The following information concerning Halloween e-commerce is important.

Due to the widespread celebration of Halloween in so many nations, e-commerce for the holiday is expanding. This is a fantastic opportunity for business owners and online retailers to boost holiday sales. Over the past few years, Halloween costume orders have increased significantly in many Asian nations. Due to this, internet orders surge beginning around two weeks before October 31. In 2017, the 179 million US residents who celebrated Halloween spent $86.13. 39% of people under 45 who purchase Halloween costumes online.

According to data from Amazon provided by SimilarWeb, the website saw a spike in visitors around Halloween. The increase in Halloween costume sales and rising customer expectations for Halloween sales may help to explain this. Online store owners shouldn’t discount the possibility that this holiday could increase sales.

The time is not now to purchase exclusively Halloween-related accessories or attire. As peak seasons like Easter and Christmas get near, consumers will buy other things. For October, several online stores are offering fantastic savings.

Additionally, online business owners should keep in mind that while males spend more on Halloween purchases than women do, women are more likely to do so. If you want more “treats” this season, knowing who your target consumers are is essential. You may maximise your sales during the busiest season of the year with a solid marketing strategy, the proper content, and the ideal timing for its release.

How to be ready for the holidays with your online store

For your Halloween-themed website and marketing campaign, you might have a tonne of thrilling and terrifying ideas. Keep in mind not to frighten customers. If not, it may be a disaster since they might leave their shopping trolleys unattended. What steps should you take?

The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide

You can use this guidance to organise your sales and marketing efforts for the current shopping season.

Give your website a spooky appearance

By altering your website design to have a more “Halloween” feel, you may easily alert clients to special Halloween discounts. On your website design, you may see jack-o-lanterns (or skeletons), spiders, pumpkins, and webs. All of these symbols of the festive season will probably be present on your website. To increase its appeal, store owners may even change the website’s colour or add eerie sound effects.

Advice: Don’t change the theme of the website; it’s only there for Halloween.

Instead, you might adjust these parameters in a tiny but significant way.

A chilling coupon popup: Customers may find it quite alluring to view a Halloween-themed image box that presents them with unmistakable discounts, coupons, or free delivery. You can also utilise attractive phrases like “Trick or treat?” to entice customers. Allowing customers to utilise numerous coupons on a single transaction is a fantastic idea because they could wish to combine them (discount plus delivery redeem).

Permit customers to use multiple coupons simultaneously

Halloween-themed banners: The enormous banners on your site slider will entice customers (if you have one). If your objective is to attract new clients and spread the word about these alluring services, this could be a fantastic method to impress them with Halloween promotions, contests, or freebies.

promotional and alert banners in a range of designs, such as sliders and pop-up

Make engaging content

When you write on Halloween-related subjects, you can attract a lot of seasonal visitors. Your website ought to have a blog so that clients can enjoy Halloween more. You will be able to submit numerous Halloween-related videos or articles as a result. People can ask themselves, “What should I write about?” Nothing about my products is related to Halloween. You can blog about a variety of themes related to Halloween. All you need is a little imagination and comedy.

You can write about your Halloween marketing. If customers participate, they will get wonderful discounts and other advantages. On your blog, you can also share details about future Halloween events. You can make themes using your items as well. Write an article on Halloween home décor if you run a furniture store. Additionally, you can educate folks on the origins of this holiday.

Using keywords associated with Halloween can improve your website’s position in search engine results, regardless of your niche. Around this time of year, this will enhance visitors to your online store. Share these articles on social media to boost engagement.

It’s time to give your goods a Halloween makeover.

If you offer Halloween costumes, cross-selling is a terrific method to increase your revenue. In addition to clothing, buyers will also be interested in accessories, shoes, and home decor. Make a “spooky” version of your products if they don’t have anything to do with Halloween.

Depending on when the campaign occurs, a simple picture of Halloween on your T-shirt can boost your sales within a few days to weeks. Even if you don’t sell Halloween-related goods, don’t be scared to try something new. If you sell kitchenware, for instance, you might be able to offer a Halloween set at a discounted price if clients buy one or two of the regular sets.

Allowing clients to make whatever they want for Halloween allows you to offer themed products as well. Then, they’ll be more likely to purchase products with special requests.

Don’t forget to provide free shipping and maintain extra supplies of your products on hand in case of unexpectedly high demand.

Magento 2’s Free Shipping Bar

Reminding shoppers of all the alluring deals available might expand shopping carts. Study more

offers that are absolutely remarkable for customers

Make Halloween special by giving your consumers fantastic deals, promotions, or free shipping. We have already emphasised how tempting a pop-up with a coupon is. It’s unlikely that Halloween buyers will pass up this excellent deal. Even if they obtain a discount, many customers will quit their shopping carts in the middle of a purchase because of the expensive shipping costs. Customers might be interested in receiving free shipping on their purchases (globally if possible).

It’s not necessary to attach promotion to Halloween. The celebration can still be enjoyed by all of your loved ones. People would be thrilled to purchase something from your store.

Special Promotions for Magento 2

For various kinds of discount promotions, you can add more price rules to your shopping cart.

A wonderful approach to advertise your Halloween sweets is through email marketing.

Your list of essential Halloween marketing suggestions should include email marketing. This is due to the fact that emailing clients with promotional content has been an effective approach to grow your customer base. Particularly at Christmas and Halloween, when people spend more than half their yearly money, your promotional emails will be highly well-received.

Sending emails on October 31st should become routine. You can provide exclusive promotions, discounts, or free delivery to both current and potential consumers. During sales, large e-commerce companies like Uniqlo and Mango send out a tonne of newsletters.


  • Your initial step in initiating the campaign should be to send emails to customers with promotional content, a coupon code, and an engaging CTA. Customers will be able to buy right away as a result.
  • Each day of the offer, send clients an email with product recommendations and information about the discount. Remind them as well of the due date. Sending a cart recovery email to a customer who has abandoned their shopping cart will allow you to get them back and finish the transaction.
  • Just before the promotion expires, you can email customers a reminder. Include phrases like ONE HOUR LEFT, UNTIL MIDNIGHT, and LIMITED STOCK. Offer customers more discounts or free shipping if they’re pushed to make a buy right away.
  • MailChimp can be used to send automated marketing emails. Additionally, it offers a centralised solution that connects you to social advertisements and CMR technologies.
  • MailBot is a fantastic tool for reminding customers to finish their purchases by sending cart recovery emails.

Remember to use your social media accounts

A wonderful approach to interact with your fans is through social media. Tell your followers about Halloween festivities and the fantastic deals offered to sign-up-only buyers. You can distribute amusing Halloween images, spooky videos, and animated gifs with clever descriptions. Customers can access their favourite products by clicking on the links.

Another effective strategy for promoting the Halloween promotion on these media is a photo contest. This will raise awareness of the campaign, and if there are plenty of participants, it will assist improve website traffic, which may enhance sales during the week before Thanksgiving.

Advice: You’re not required to mention Halloween in every post. Run advertising for both ordinary posts and one or two posts with a Halloween theme to obtain greater results.

Be sure to check out the smartphone version for Halloween.

If you have an app or website that is mobile-friendly, be sure to mention it. Halloween campaigns must use the mobile version. It will be challenging to compete with the worldwide trend of mobile apps as more consumers shop on their phones or tablets. You can alter the mobile app’s theme to make it more Halloween-y to signal to your clients that the season of the spook is upon them. You could also include some pumpkins or bats in the symbol.

You can also provide coupons and discounts to mobile consumers. You may, for instance, provide them with QR codes that they can scan to obtain a unique discount code.


Even now, a lot of online business owners value Halloween as a holiday. If you disregard it, you will miss the opportunity to boost your revenue swiftly. It’s crucial to have a strategy for your online store’s Halloween sales in order to grow your consumer base and improve their shopping experience.

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