On and Off Page SEO Service

On and Off Page SEO Service

Onsite-SEO  (Delivery 1-4 weeks)

                In On-site SEO i will do Almost all kind of basic on-site SEO for your website. For preparation of this on-site audit report i need 5-10 working DAYS or with solving all below issue we Need 15-20 working DAYS Except development issue we not take any responsible of development issue.

  • Find all missing meta description
  • FInd all content basic
  • Add All On-site Service page content At-least 500 words.
  • Add Google Tools(like webmaster and analytic)
  • Add Business listing
  • Link All social site links
  • All other basic on-site error’s Like H1.
  • Add internal linking.
  • Competitor analysis
  • Development issue.
  • Web activation checker
  • Social media checker
  • Per Page content length

Off-site SEO points

                Below all the important point of off-page SEO points:

Build Contextual Links: (15-20 per month)

  • Article Submission           
  • Free Guest Post
  • Top 20 Article site
  • Web2.0
  • On-site blog

Build Business listing (1-2 per week)

  • Build Links in local listing
  • public your address and brand locally in USA business site

AdPost: (3 per week)

  • Do Ad-Post On different Website:

Fourms  (1-3 per week)

  • Build niche or non niche related forum
  • DO discussion on niche related forum
  • Do forum Comments

DO Second tier Links (20 per week)

  • Build Second tier links for the Contextual links:
  • DO bookmarks
  • Do comments
  • paste in sharing sites

Image Sharing: (3 per week)

  • Build Product image and share on different sites

Social signal: (5 per week)

                In this section i do share your web and contextual backlinks into promotional non company account of social media sites:

  • DO Facebook
  • Paste your contextual links in fb pages
  • Share your web into different usa groups or pages
  • Linkedin
  • Share your links in company pages

Twitter , and other all improtant social platfrom

Question: (5 per week)

  • write question or answer in Quora
  • Writer question about niche
  • writer answer and anchor text paste there
  • ALso do Second tier linking

Build Pyramid and wheel (25 per month)

  • In pyramid
  • Build web2.0
  • forum
  • bookmarks pyramid
  • Wheel
  • interlinking all other web2.0 with eachother

Social Media per week 4

  • Facebook (per week 1 item)
    • Add service image
      • Add informative post
  • Twitter
  • Increased Followers
  • Tweet
  • Linked
  • Write article post
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