What is the difference between SEO or ASO?
November 3, 2019 Uncategorized

SEO (search engine optimization) or ASO( App search optimization). web and app nowadays worth with same ways and both need each other.
like if you have an only app or not website than you will not get a good ranked in-app store or if you have the only web or not app than your web never gets top position in google due to missing the app.

There is some difference between SEO or ASO:

  • SEO for Web
  • ASO for app
  • SEO base on keyword
  • ASO base on app title
  • Major depend on web content or H1 H2 tags.
  • ASO depends on the app’s name and image.
  • Description common item for both SEO and ASO

How Rank SEO and ASO?

Its very simple just buy SEO or ASO Service provider . and Follow the google rule’s..  also read what is changing in google alogthrium

What important point will in mind?

  • DO proper on-site for both
  • DO duplicate content
  • Check images
  • check video link
  • check all clickable button
  • check all pages
  • check all social signals.
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